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Handling disappointment

on November 2, 2012

There can be a lot of disappointments for your child to deal with. Even if they seem trivial to us, they can be a big deal for your child. Teaching them how to deal with not making the team now, can help them deal with adult disappointments like losing a job.

Try these tactics when helping your child deal with the pain of disappointment:

– Listen to how they feel. Make sure they know that it’s acceptable and normal to be upset or angry.
– Encourage them to rise above the obstacle. Help them come up with ideas on how to be successful next time.
– Allow them to recognize that some things are out of their control.
– Boost their mood by complimenting them on things they have been successful with.
– Don’t try to fix it for them. You won’t always be able to make it all better so give them the power to resolve the issue themselves.

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