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Don’t ignore the signs!

on November 7, 2012

The effects of bullying can be overwhelming for the victims. Don’t ignore these signs:

1.Kids that have been bullied often have low self-esteem. Kids that already have low self-esteem feel even worse if they have been bullied.
2.There can be serious emotional effects. Many kids that have been bullied have thoughts of suicide.
3.Kids that have been bullied have a hard time making friends. This leaves them feeling even more isolated.
4.Missed school – students that are being bullied tend to want to stay home where they feel more safe.
5.People that have been bullied as kids are more likely to be bullied as adults.
6.Trouble learning – students that are being bullied are consumed by what has happened and what will happen next.

By knowing what to watch for, we can help our kids. Begin by gently asking about what has been happening. Listen without judgement. Teach them that the thing the bully wants the most is a reaction. By ignoring them, the bully loses power. If the bully persists, your child must tell them to stop. Let your child practice with you on being assertive and firm, no yelling or name calling. Lastly, get involved by speaking with teachers, principles and even the parents of the bully.

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