Be Positive Toys

For a Positive Start in Life

Being Grateful

on November 20, 2012

“I don’t want that for supper!”
“But I want both of them!”
“All my friends have it, why can’t you buy it for me?”

It’s enough to drive any parent into the overplayed “when I was your age…” Admit it! You know that speech so well you probably say it in your sleep. Research shows that grateful people report higher levels of happiness so how can we teach our kids to appreciate what they have? Try these tips:

– Monkey see, monkey do. Take a look at your own behavior. Are you showing gratitude for all you have?
– Teach your kids to say thank you. It seems obvious but teach them this from a young age and continue to remind to say thank you as they get older.
– Give to others however you can. Dropping off clothes that no longer fit or toys nobody plays with anymore to organizations that help families in need acknowledges that there are others that have less than you.
– Kids that get everything they want are rarely grateful because they develop an attitude of entitlement. It’s okay to say no.

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