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It’s how they Learn

on December 5, 2012

pots and pansIt’s all too common, kids of all ages watching hours of tv, playing hours of video games and not knowing how to amuse themselves without them. Don’t forget that unstructured activities play a very important part of developing minds, particularly in young children. Too much time plugged in prevents them from learning core lessons.

For young kids, play is how they learn. Playing with sand or water teaches them logic. Playing with blocks teaches them problem solving skills. When a child makes their stuffed animal “talk”, they are practicing language skills. Caring for their dolls teaches them compassion and caring.

Ensure there is time in everyday when the tv is off and there are plenty of choices for play for your child. Provide things that encourage imagination. Simple is best – pots & pans, play dough, paper and crayons, dolls, stuffed animals and outdoors items like sticks, sand and grass. Play with your child too. Ask them questions like “What are your animals doing?”. Also point out things you notice like “You made that pile of sand really high!”.

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