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School Success

on December 10, 2012


schoolSuccess at school starts with support at home. Having good communication at home, healthy eating habits and routines all lead to higher success at school. It’s not all up to parents though. Kids must also put in effort and have a desire to succeed. Support from teachers is imperative as well.

At home, set the stage for success by doing the following:

Create a space for your child to do school work. It doesn’t have to be a fancy desk, simply provide a space where they can spread out their work and have a container of school supplies readily available.
Show interest in what they are doing and be available to listen and talk to them. This shows them that their work is important and that you care about what they are doing.
Stick to a routine so that your kids know what to expect. Make sure there is time in your routine everyday for school work or reading.

At school, there are things you can do to help your child succeed:

Be supportive to the teacher. If they send you a note about an overdue assignment, ensure you hold your child accountable. Stay in touch with them to keep up on how your child is doing.
Volunteer your time at the school if you can. This is a great insight into what happens there everyday and it will show your child and their teacher how committed you are to your childs education.

Last but not least – expect success from your child! Let your child know that you expect them to always do their best. Set a clear guide of your expectations and celebrate with them when they succeed.

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