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Developing a Positive Attitude

on December 26, 2012

thumbs upChildren learn easily when they are younger and they are more open to accepting ideas. It is so important to encourage our kids to think and be positive when they are at their most impressionable – between 3 – 10 years old. Once they get beyond that age, it is more difficult (but not impossible) to change their way of thinking.

When kids have negative thoughts, they usually pass quickly. When kids have positive thoughts, they are more energetic, excited and enthusiastic and that fuels those positive thoughts making them think and behave that way even more. While we want to soothe our children when they are feeling down, don’t give it too much attention. Every situation has an upside so focus on that instead. By doing that, you are pushing the positive feelings to the surface and also teaching them to see the positive angle of situations in the future.

We’ve all heard the saying “Practice what you preach”. This is so important! What we expose our kids to when they are at those impressionable ages, often stays with them forever. Listen to your kids and how they talk. If you hear them saying things like – I can’t – I won’t – I’m stupid – it is usually a reflection of how you talk. Speak positive language and correct your kids when they talk negatively.

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