Be Positive Toys

For a Positive Start in Life


on December 28, 2012


Why is it that some kids are so willing to share and others are not? Age has a lot to do with it. Keep in mind that all kids develop at different rates but by about age 3 they will begin to take turns. Then, by about age 4, they will begin to cooperate with their playmates and begin to follow rules. So, parents, they are not trying to be difficult! They simply may  not have developed the social skills needed to understand sharing.

Certainly, there are some kids out there who are old enough to know better and still won’t share. They have formed another skill that is part of their development – defiance! However, we can teach them from an early age how we expect them to behave.

Encourage them to play collaborative games and activities with their siblings and playmates. Set up a “store” with household items. They can take turns being the store owner, the customer or they can both be the customers. It could also be a simple activity like having them build a tower of blocks together.

If they are old enough to understand time, have them take turns with toys while you use a timer to help them keep track of when it’s time to switch. This gives them a visual and audible signal they can keep track of.

Praise them! Whether the sharing was suggested by you or they did it on their own, giving them praise for sharing will go a long way in them wanting to share again. Whether it be encouraging words, hugs, high fives or simply a big smile, kids love doing the right thing.

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