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Being a Good Sport

on January 30, 2013

good sportSome kids find it extra-hard to lose, but everyone needs to learn how to do it and how to deal with the disappointment. It takes practice but gets easier over time.

Everyone wants to win but anytime kids are facing each other in a game or contest, someone will lose. The thing to pay attention to is controlling the emotions. Sometimes kids lose when you are not around. These situations can be extra-hard if there are no grownups around to be the referees.

Kids who don’t freak out when they lose will become known as kids who are fun to play with – good sports. Kids might not be as eager to play with someone who gets angry all the time so learning to be a good sport is a great personality trait to have.

10 Ways to Be a Good Sport

1. Be polite to everyone you’re playing with and against. No trash talk while you’re in the middle of a game.
2. Don’t show off. Do your best and people will notice.
3. Tell your opponents “good game!” whether you win or lose.
4. Learn the rules of the game and show up for practices and games on time.
5. Listen to your coaches and follow their directions about playing.
6. Don’t argue with the referee even if you don’t agree with their decision.
7. Don’t make up excuses or blame a teammate when you lose. Try to learn from mistakes so you can do better next time.
8. Be willing to sit out so that all of your team mates get a chance to play.
9. Play fair – no cheating or unnecessary roughness.
10. Cheer for your teammates and don’t give up! Even if you are losing by a lot, encouraging your team could inspire a big comeback!

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