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Ten Ways to Help Kids Believe in Themselves

Developing children collect and hold beliefs from parents, authority figures, friends, experiences and even the media. By examining our children’s beliefs we can identify negative beliefs that limit them. It’s time to turn around all the negatives and turn them into positives! Next time you hear your child say something negative, correct them by suggesting a positive statement and getting them to repeat it.

1) Instead of “school work is hard,” try “I can improve.”
2) Instead of “I hate the way I look” try “I am unique and beautiful.”
3) Instead of “I can’t stand people criticizing me,” try “I can handle criticism.”
4) Instead of “People don’t treat me very good” try “I respect myself and others.”
5) Instead of “Nobody likes me,” try “Some people like me.”
6) Instead of “I must be perfect,” try “I can learn from my mistakes.”
7) Instead of “I can’t do it because it’s too scary” try “I am brave and confident.”
8) Instead of “Lying gets you out of trouble,” try “I always tell the truth.”
9) Instead of “I am so stupid” try “I am smart and have great ideas”
10) Instead of “I have to do it this way,” try “I can do it different ways.”

Beliefs come down to a few simple words. Change a few words and your life can deeply change. By helping children develop positive beliefs, you help them love themselves!

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