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Family Day

on February 13, 2013

Happy familySeveral Canadian provinces recognize the upcoming Family Day holiday. So what will you are doing with your family? Here are 50 ideas for all different ages. Invite cousins, friends and neighbors too!

Too many options? Write them down on pieces of paper, fold and put in a jar. Take turns drawing from the jar.

1. Make popcorn and watch a movie.
2. Make play dough. Yes, homemade play dough! Click here for a great recipe.
3. Go to the library and take out books, videos or audio recordings.
4. Take a trip to the museum.
5. Have coloring contests. Don’t forget the prizes!
6. Plan an indoor picnic.
7. Have night breakfast (breakfast food dinner).
8. Hold cooking classes in your kitchen, invite friends. Homemade pizzas are always a hit.
9. Go biking or sledding.
10. Learn magic tricks together and put on a show.
11. Rent dance videos and hold a dance contest.
12. Have a photo taking contest.
13. Have a video game tournament.
14. Create a collage using pictures from magazines.
15. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
16. Make cupcakes and have a decorating party.
17. Have an ice cream buffet with all kinds of toppings and sprinkles.
18. Play online games together.
19. Hold a family game night.
20. Design a family website.
21. Make a family photo album.
22. Press flowers and make cards.
23. Decorate homemade thank-you notes so they are ready as needed.
24. Play charades.
25. Draw pictures and mail to other family members.
26. Collect rocks and paint them.
27. Wash the family cars together.
28. Make macaroni jewelry and art.
29. Visit playgrounds and local parks.
30. Make an indoor fort and camp out for a night.
31. Take nature walks.
32. Go fishing.
33. Play flashlight tag.
34. Dig a fort in the snow.
35. Do brain teasers.
36. Play card games.
37. Decorate clay pots and plant seeds in them.
38. Do jigsaw puzzles.
39. Play a family memory game. i.e. What are the names of your great-grandparents?
40. Make a collage of what you are thankful for.
41. Write love and appreciation letters to each other.
42. Eat dessert as the first course of a meal.
43. Read to each other from joke books.
44. Do science experiments.
45. Go bowling.
46. Play indoor golf.
47. Each child collects things they don’t use anymore and donate to a shelter.
48. Have a fashion show.
49. Study a topic and hold a debate.
50. Try to break a world record.

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