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Tips on Misbehavior

on February 27, 2013

misbehaviorDealing with misbehaving children is certainly a test of patience. Fortunately, there are effective ways to deal with our children’s undesirable behavior. Here’s a 5 step plan to keep things in order.

1. Make a list of things your kids would miss if they lost. This could be video games, TV, a favorite toy, computer time etc. If they misbehave, it gets taken away.

2. Decide which battles you are going to fight. Kids benefit from knowing what they absolutely cannot get away with. For example, if calling other people names is NEVER allowed, make sure they know that.

3. Have a family meeting to talk about your expectations so nobody can say they didn’t know what the rules are. Spell it out clearly what you will enforce and exactly how you will do it.

4. Issue one warning. Kids benefit from a warning, because it gives them a chance to stop misbehaving and to prepare for what will happen if they don’t. Don’t get into a big debate about what they are doing wrong. If you had your family meeting, they will know or will soon figure it out when you enforce the punishment.

5. Be very, very consistent. This is so important! Be as consistent as humanly possible! They will test you and test you and test you. If you give in you will be tested to no end and you kids will not take you seriously.

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