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How do I ensure my children know that I love them?

One of the most important things for a child is to know that they are loved. Telling your child you love them every single day is a wonderful start. Knowing that their parents love them helps children interact with people in the world in a confident manner. There are many other things that parents can do to help create a loving family. Here are just a few.

Starting with a strong foundation helps to keep everything stable. Many parents forget to nurture the relationship with each other once they have children. Don’t forget that it is that love that brings the children into the world. We should also remember that these little bundles of joy will grow up and move away and we will again be left with each other. This is all the more reason to ensure we make time for each other every day. Children will see that their parents love and value each other and this will increase the joy and love in the home.

At times we are all How to love a child but children need to know that their parents are grateful for them and that they are an important part of the family. Showing unconditional love and acceptance for them regularly is necessary for keeping them happy and thriving. Show an interest in the things your children likes and that will open the door for them to know that they can talk with you about anything.

Listen to your children. Really listen. Stop what you are doing and look at them with your undivided attention. Show them that you value their opinions and perspectives even if you don’t agree with them. Allow them to finish what they want to say before jumping to conclusions. Everyone wants to be heard no matter how insignificant the conversation may be.

Spend time with your children with the intention of focusing on them. We all have times when we are with our children but our focus is often on other tasks. Take them for a walk, go to the park, play a game or read a book. Leave the cell phone behind, turn off the TV, stop trying to multitask. Your children will notice how much attention you are giving to them and will love every minute of it…so will you.

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