Be Positive Toys

For a Positive Start in Life

National Parent’s Day

on July 28, 2013


National Parent’s Day is recognized today in the United States. This day aims to promote responsible parenting and highlight positive parental role models. Responsible parenting requires focus, investment and commitment. Today is a day to recognize and celebrate those in our lives who have influenced ourselves and others in a parental way.

Commitment and unconditional love are core values that are important for all families to thrive. They are vital to children’s growth and development and they develop strong positive bonds between parental figures and the children.

Responsible parenting is vital in creating not only positive and strong families but also stronger communities as well. All across the country we see parents stepping up to create and maintain a nurturing and positive environment for their own children as well as others in the community.

Parental influences come in many forms. Besides parents, support comes from Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and other relatives, neighbors, teachers, friends and so much more. Take the time today to recognize the people in your life that have shown you guidance and love.

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