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For a Positive Start in Life

Be Original

Stand out from the crowdDon’t copy and paste your way through life. While it is easy to go along with what others are doing, what others like and what others don’t like, we need to nurture our own individuality.

 While we have all the sayings like “The world would be a boring place if we all liked the same things”, really think about this statement.
If everyone liked the same sports team, where would the drive come from for friendly rivalry? If we all liked the same restaurant, we would never get a seat. If we all liked the same travel destinations, we would never explore our world.

When you go your own way, others will find you interesting and respect you for not jumping on the band wagon. Of course you will have some that don’t agree with your point of view and they have a right to do that just as much as you have the right to form your own opinions.

The path of least resistance may be to follow others however, if you suppress our own feelings and opinions the price to pay will be your own happiness.

Be yourself and don’t worry what others think of you. Don’t spend your life trying to please everyone else all the time. Be original you!

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